August 11, 2008

FAQs, Baby #2

1. When are you due?
I'm not sure. According to the calculations, March 7. According to my first ultrasound, March 12.

2. Are you going to have another c-section?
Yep. I don't really want to make another go at labor to have it end with a c-section. So, as the pregnancy progresses, my OB and I will set a date for the surgery.

3. Have you picked out any names?
We're all set with a boys' name: Robert William, after Marc's uncle. We do not have a girls name yet.

4. Are you going to find out what you're having?
We're still working this one out. We have some time to decide. I'd like to know this time. Marc would still like to be surprised. Some days, I agree with him.

5. Any guesses on whether it's a boy or a girl?
Marc and I don't have any, but Gloria thinks it's a "girl baby."

6. So, we know Gloria was a surprise. How about this one?
This one, we planned.

7. How is Gloria dealing with this?
She's really excited. We took her with us to the ultrasound to see the heartbeat. So far, she's being really good about getting ready to be a big sister and share with the baby.

8. Did you find a new doctor? Where will you be delivering?
I am going to Dr. Gwyn Harrison and will deliver at the ONLY hospital in town that delivers babies, Memorial Hospital.

9. Liz, I want to buy you lots of things. How can I do this?
Glad you asked! I set up a registry (more as a reminder for us of what we need!) on Amazon.

Here We Go Again

For those of you with an RSS feed of our site, you may be shocked to see this. I'm going to make a pledge that I think I've made 20 times: I'm going to try to use this site for updates!

To start, Gloria is now 3. I am pregnant with baby #2 and am due in early-mid March. I had my first ultrasound today and once our computer works again, we'll post the photos.

Marc and I moved to Cumberland a few months ago and are thrilled to be raising our kids here instead of Baltimore! We bought a house that we are in the middle of destroying and rebuilding.