June 22, 2007

Another Childhood Memory Ruined

Here's one of many reasons we don't let Gloria watch Sesame Street - Chris freaking Berman as a Muppet:

This is why Mr. Rogers is superior. That show will never get newer and more stupid, because he's dead and PBS has to show the old episodes from 1987.

June 16, 2007

Has It Really Been Two Years?

I guess it has:
We tried like crazy to get a picture of Gloria holding up two fingers, but she just would not cooperate!

You might notice from the top of the page that we're about 3 months behind in putting up new pictures. I'm going to get to that soon - there are some very cute videos, too. It was certainly a lot easier keeping up with pictures before Gloria started walking and talking (and dancing and screaming and...).

Anyway, if you'd like to get Gloria a birthday present, please check out her Wish List. And if you'd like to something for her busy father, here's a good place to start.