January 19, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

Gloria was never a big fan of mashed peas, so we were surprised a couple weeks ago when she ate some real peas from our plates and clamored for more. We were even more surprised when she proceeded to stuff her face full of peas like they were M&Ms.

Gloria has just now gotten over a couple of weeks of teething, with all the usual troubles - loss of appetite, diarrhea (LOTS of diarrhea), and diaper rash. And she's got a couple of new teeth in back for her trouble.

Also, I've switched our image hosting over to Flickr. I'm currently in the process of moving over all the old pictures. Flickr offers some neat features, such as tags, which allow easier and more flexible categorization. Here are all the baby pictures tagged with "Grandmom Lorden", for example. Enjoy!