November 2, 2006

We're Better at Parenting than Blogging

At least, we hope we are. Here are my excuses for why we've let two months pass (in no particular order): Gloria keeps us busy, the election is on Tuesday, we have too many toys to pick up at night.

Everything is going really well. For those of you who haven't seen Gloria in a while, she is absolutely amazing right now and lots of fun (save the occasional mini-tantrums she can throw). She is jabbering up a storm and says some distinguisable words: cat, duck, doll, flower, pop, dad, no. She makes TONS of animal noises: cat, dog, monkey, fish (though that's more of a face), bird, snake, cow, owl, duck, tiger.

She was a cow for Halloween on Tuesday night, but wouldn't moo at all.

She eats more "people" food and LOVES grilled cheese sandiches, but who doesn't?

She makes "shhh" noises when she sees other babies and when she lays her doll down for a nap.

She loves to be read to and says "pop" before I get to that line in The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Anyone who has read this book ad nauseum will know EXACTLY the passage I'm referring to.

I'll try to get into more of a habit of posting regularly for a better glimpse into her changing life.

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