August 22, 2006

Tales from the Crib

So, Gloria sleeps sitting up a lot of the night now. It's very weird. She often naps in her high chair now, so I'm beginning to think the two are related...

August 12, 2006


This really deserves a post all its own. Gloria is really starting to take off! There was a lot of cruising at first, then a step or two into our arms. Now, she can get from one side of our living room to the other. And she's gotten really fast, too.

Earlier today, she suffered her first walking injury, falling onto one of her toys and cutting her leg. She whined for a few seconds and got right back up.

Stupid Human Tricks

Gloria has loads of tricks now!

The old standards:
What's on your head?
Trying to say cat (but getting more consistent and a bit better)
Calling the cat (mimicking the rubbing together of fingers to get the cat to come over)

The developments in the last month or so:
Saying a noise similar to "bye-bye" when waving
Knowing where her eyes, ears, mouth, and nose are
Grabbing her toes when you ask "Where are your piggies?"
Knocking over her animal bowling pins (sometimes by rolling the ball at them)
"Having a conversation" when playing with the phone
Barking when asked "What does a dog say?"

Gloria has developed so much in the last month. She's also starting to do the less cute things that accompany getting older--namely, throwing herself on the ground when she doesn't get her way. It's surprising how much more we say "no" than just a few weeks ago.

Last weekend I took her swimming for a few hours. It was amazing how much she enjoyed it. We're going again tomorrow to enjoy this fantastic weather.