June 3, 2006

Changing Every Day

Earlier this morning, Gloria pulled herself up to stand in her playpen by herself. It's a long reach, so it's a big accomplishment for her. Her frustration still lies in not being able to sit up from lying down.

We updated our pictures today, too. But, as you can see, we fell a little short of our goal of a picture a day. We made it quite a while, though. Parenting is a lot of work, so taking a picture every day can get easy to forget.

This picture is one of my favortites. When you ask "What's on your head?," Gloria grabs her head and usually makes some noise.

She's a fantastic imitater, both of actual sounds and intonation. Gloria is also really good at following some very simple commands (press the button, the aforementioned "What's on your head?" game). She also loves to clap at herself.

One of her funnier traits that comes from being a child of technology is that, when she hears music, she looks at the TV or the computer. She loves theme songs (namely, "The Wire" and "EastEnders") and we listen to much of our music through iTunes, so it's only natural. But, the main problem is that if I'm feeding her and the TV is on when one of her "songs" comes on, she turns away from me to watch.

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