May 15, 2006

And that's the tooth!

It's here. Gloria's first tooth has finally poked through. It's really pointy and sharp. She looks so different without her toothless grin.

Gloria has made a lot of developmental progress over the past few weeks. First, was the what seemed like neverending teething, resulting in her first tooth. She has also really mastered waving hello and goodbye.

She makes a new noise (oohing) and yesterday used it to successfully mimic my mother, grandmother and I when we asked "What does a cow say?" She also likes to bang her hands against her head.

The biggest thing (I think) is that she figured out how to put food in her mouth. Before, she would play with food when it was put in front of her. Now, she picks it up carefully and puts it in her mouth.

Last night, she and Marc played their first game of catch. She sat on the floor across from him. He would roll the ball to her and then she would throw it back (and I mean throw--not roll).

This has all happened so soon--it's pretty amazing to watch.

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