January 29, 2006

Sleeping Successes

It's been a huge week for us in terms of sleep! Gloria has been a pretty good sleeper for a while now, but has made some excellent progress this week.

First, a confession. Until last Saturday night, we had been letting Gloria sleep in her car seat placed in her bassinet. Last weekend, we finally got her a proper crib and she has been sleeping well in it all week. I was very nervous that she would not make the adjustment well, but have been very pleasantly surprised. Our new problem is that the cat likes sleeping in the crib when Gloria isn't in it. He moves quite quickly when he sees us bringing her to it, though.

Last night, we also decided to try to put Gloria in the crib while she's still awake. It's only been two nights now (and tonight is still young), but it seems as though it's working!

Gloria has also been enjoying her high chair quite a bit. She is eating "food" three times a day now and gobbles it down quite well. She seems to like anything we give her at this point.

Gloria is still making lots of noise. She has really discovered her voice. She continues to be pleasant most of the time, which is wonderful. Some days/nights are tough, but she's usually good. She continues to work on rolling over and sitting up. She will roll in one direction repeatedly until she runs out of room. It's funny to watch (though she has only done it in front of me once). She can sit for longer stretches of time now, but is not ready to pull herself to sitting.

All fellow STEN and GORM lovers should appreciate this.

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