December 1, 2005

Picture me Rollin'

Gloria rolled over for the first time yesterday afternoon! I called Marc from work and she rolled over while I was on the phone with him. She proceeded to do it a few more times (with the third one caught on film with our digital camera). She rolled from her belly to her back, but will not go the other way. Each roll is accompanied by a little squeal as she rolls over. She showed off her trick to my Aunt Elissa and cousin Bridget last night before we went to our annual concert.

Watch the video:


Mollie said...

how exciting! thanks for sharing. it is fun to watch Gloria grow via the blog.

Michelle Vance said...

That a girl!
I knew she could do it!!!
I am so glad I got to see it on the blog.

s-hooks said...

Just came across your blog...very cool!

Congrats on your new arrival. Your little girl is so cute! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow...and how much they change our lives?