December 22, 2005

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We are thoroughly enjoying Gloria's first Christmas! She likes looking at the lights on our tree and watching us wrap presents. We had the Fiorini family party on Sunday and she was less interested in helping open presents than I was hoping.

She is really starting to reach for things all the time. She occasionally pets the cat and he doesn't mind too much if he doesn't realize it's her. Gloria is still sleeping through the night (most of the time), but she is not napping very well (if at all).

She has also recently discovered that she has hair and that she can pull it while she eats. She does this ALL the time now. She has also realized that we have hair, too, and that pulling it is also great fun. However, all of this hair pulling has nothing to do with her growing bald spot.

Gloria still continues to roll over in only one direction. She really hates being on her stomach, so she will roll onto her back almost immediately after being put down on her belly. She gets really close to rolling in the other direction, but will not bring the rest of her body over.

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Sean said...

Just looked at the photos. I like the ones where she's set with props, such as situated next to a pallet of Natty Boh, reading "cat quips," or mesmerized by a giant bar of Tobelrone.