November 28, 2005

Post-Thanksgiving Update

All is well at the Nelson house. Gloria continues to grow and learn new tricks. At her last appointment, she was up to 13 pounds, 5 ounces and 25 inches. She is still not rolling over yet, but has discovered that certain noises will get our attention (i.e. coughing, grunting). She makes these noises on purpose a lot now! She is also laughing more frequently and seems to be getting ticklish.

Last Monday, I took her to a meeting with me to show her off to all of my colleagues. She was a hit with the environmental community in her cloth diapers!

Gloria is able to reach for more things now. She can finally grab the whale that hangs from her swing and pull on it hard enough to activate the lights and music. When she first got her swing, it was hard for me to imagine that she'd ever be able to do that! She has also learned the fun in pulling off her socks. She pulled them off about 10 times on Thanksgiving morning, leading Marc and I to outsmart her with tights!

Gloria also moved up to the "ring" in her bathtub. She still can't sit upright, so I hold on to her with one hand the whole time, but it seems to be working better. She held on to the sides with a super tight grip the first time I used it, but she seems to be relaxing a bit more now.

Tonight, we gave her a bit of rice cereal for the first time. She seemed to understand how to eat, but not that what she was putting in her mouth was actually food.

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