September 23, 2005

All Night Long

Well, it seems as if she may be sleeping through the night now! For four nights in a row, she slept through the night (8 or more hours). Last night, she got up once, but she went down before 8pm, so I think that's why. I am really hoping this sticks before I return to work next week.

Last weekend was very busy for us. She ventured out on both Saturday and Sunday, meeting lots of new people. Saturday was spent at Tracey's house while Sunday was spent at the big family party for Uncle Jack's 80th Birthday.

She is now able to get her hand into her mouth on purpose. The most hilarious part of that is watching her try to do it when her head is turned--her hands still go to the same place as if her head was facing forward!

Gloria's neck is getting stronger by the day. She is getting much better at supporting her head. She does not like "tummy time" very much, though. She enjoys it for about 5 seconds and then gets frustrated and grumpy. We have taken to calling her "Grumbelina" when she gets in moods like that.

Her swing still seems to be her favorite place to nap and Marc and I have the receipts from battery purchases to prove it. When she's awake, she gets to lounge on a blanket on the living room floor or be read a story in our bed. She enjoys having books read to her and likes to squeal with excitement at the pictures in the book.

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