August 12, 2005

Some Observations

It's hard to do a "Frequently Asked Questions" post for a baby because the questions and answers change all the time. Instead, I'll try to answer some of the questions I hear now as well as some observations about the baby.

1. She is currently sleeping really well at night (either all night long or only getting up once during the night). We know that this is subject to change, but we're loving it for now.

2. She will not sleep in her bassinet. She will, however, sleep in her car seat that we place in the bassinet. She will also sleep in her baby swing.

3. She will only sleep when swaddled well or being held. Marc is an expert swaddler and I am still learning.

4. She loves to "talk" when she's on the changing table in the morning. She will make all kinds of cute noises. Then, suddenly, she will scream because it's time to eat again. I'm getting better at knowing when the coos are almost turning to screams.

5. Cloth diapering is working out really well. We had a lot of problems with leaks when we were using one particular brand of disposables and have had much greater success with the cloth diapers. Marc did some research and found out that the diaper covers we got don't require pins, so it's REALLY easy. We use disposables when we're going somewhere and have been very happy with Pampers.

6. Nursing is also going well. It's gotten much easier a lot faster than I anticipated.

7. I'm worried that Gloria will recognize the voices of "The Golden Girls" before she recognizes those of some family and friends. I watch it every morning with her while I'm nursing. If she starts cracking wise or telling Sicily stories at a young age, I know that I am solely responsible.

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