August 1, 2005

LEGO: Is There Anything It Can't Do?

Now that Liz is on her feet, I've had some time to work on Gloria's room. Along with putting together and moving furniture, I got to do something creative:

Now if only IKEA would get our crib in stock!


Anonymous said...

She is getting big. I can't wait to hold her. 4 days to go
aunt annette

Anonymous said...

Marc you did a great job getting Gloria's room together. I love the Gloria Jean on the wall.

Love, Grand Dad

Tracey said...

It was good to see you yesterday! She's adorable! I can't wait until her baptism...we'll be there, by the way. Looking at her size made me look back at my own kids. At 2 mos, Josh was 24.5" and 13lbs, 14 oz. Good thing that I didn't realize how fat he was then because I think I would have cried! Oh, well...he's average now!