July 21, 2005

Our First Full Week at Home

It's been a busy first week at home for the newly expanded Nelson family. Gloria had her first bath on Saturday--she didn't seem to mind too much. There was some initial hesitation to having her body washed, but she really liked having her hair washed.

On Sunday, her umbilical cord fell off. It was a bit bizarre for Marc to notice it missing when changing her diaper and not be able to find it! It was recovered from her onesie during her changing.

Monday brought with it a bizarre first outing for Gloria. I wasn't feeling quite right and tried to take it easy for the afternoon. Unfortunately, my condition worsened and my midwife told me to go to the Labor & Delivery ward of the hospital. So, Gloria's first trip was back to St. Joe's. Long story short, both the baby and I are fine. I'm just on a week's worth of antibiotics.

Tuesday was our first day of cloth-diapering and it went really well. They are pretty easy to use and much more leak-proof than the newborn disposables we had been using.

Yesterday was Gloria's first doctor's appointment and she was WONDERFUL. She slept in the car the whole ride there, slept through most of the check-up (and didn't fuss when she was awake) and slept the whole way home. Unfortunately, this translated into being awake A LOT of last night, but it's hard to complain when she's been such a good nighttime sleeper every other night. Her appointment went well. She now weighs 9 pounds (up 15 ounces since we left the hospital last week).

Thank you to everyone for your nice cards and emails. I have not been online much at all lately (I'm actually writing this offline in bed on my sister's laptop), so I am quite behind on replying to everyone. I also appreciate everyone's desire to visit and your respect for our time right now. We will be happy to introduce Gloria to all of you as soon as I feel like a (semi-)functioning member of society again!

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