June 22, 2005

There are a few things about being pregnant that still amaze me

1. I'm tired ALL the time. Not just late at night, not just when I first get up in the morning--ALL DAY LONG FOR 40 WEEKS! Sure, I had a few weeks in the second trimester when I had a bit more energy, but I'm pretty tired constantly. I am now more exhausted than ever. I yawn from the time I wake up in the morning until the time I hit the pillow at night.

2. When I'm not yawning, I'm going to the bathroom. This has also been very consistent for me. It was actually one of the first pregnancy symptoms I had. Now, of course, it's much worse than it was before, but I haven't slept through the night since October.

3. Even when you are a larger woman, you get a big, pregnant belly! I LOVE my belly. It's really neat. It gets hard, I can feel various parts of the baby, my belly button is almost non-existent right now. It's really cool. I will miss it when the baby comes.

4. Some days, I can't stop eating. Other days, I don't want to eat a thing.

5. Feet and ankles can swell to enormous sizes. They can also expand so that you only have one pair of shoes left that fit. I had two pairs up until about two weeks ago, but they just kept expanding. I really hope that my feet go back to normal after the baby comes.

6. If you get sick while you're pregnant, you might be stuck with a runny nose until you deliver. I hope that delivery makes mine go away.

7. As one of my WebMD "friends" said the other day, almost anything you tell your OB or midwife during pregnancy will be met with the answer "That's common at your stage of pregnancy."

8. I will not dwell on my increased snoring, but I'm sure Marc can tell some tales. It's one of the less "cute" things about pregnancy.

9. Marc walks faster than I do now. Marc is usually a SLOW walker, but I've had to ask him to slow down lately.

10. People are really nice to pregnant women! Women will start talking to you and then start fondly remembering their own pregnancies and you will be chatting about personal things in no time. It's really nice. I'll be one of those advice-givers soon, which still seems so strange to me.

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