June 30, 2005

No baby yet

I know that everyone is concerned since I am merely days away from my due date, but there is no baby yet.

I went to see the OB yesterday afternoon. The good news is that my blood pressure is normal and I am measuring well. The bad news is that I have made no progress since last week's appointment. So, I go back to see the doctor on Wednesday. If I haven't made any progress, she will do some tests to be sure that the baby is fine. If anything is abnormal during those tests, I will be sent to the hospital to be induced as soon as possible. If everything is fine with the tests, I will schedule a date to be induced for the following week, giving my body the opportunity to go into labor on its own during that time.

So, no baby yet. The latest the baby will arrive is July 14. My hope is that the baby comes on its own before July 14.

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