June 14, 2005

Into the Homestretch

I now see my doctor or midwife every week. I went back today to see Monique, the midwife, after a slight scheduling screw-up. I haven't made any progress since Thursday, which, as far as I'm concerned, is just fine! Monique suggested taking Evening Primrose Oil caplets a few times a day to help get my body prepared (but not induce labor). My blood pressure was still a little high, but no other problems (except my swollen feet). I may have dropped a pound or two since my last appointment, but time of day of my appointment probably affected that.

After my appointment, I made a quick run to Motherhood Maternity for another pair of shorts. It's too hot for me to want to wear anything else! If we have any more kids, I'm aiming for April or May due dates!

My cold is still around, though it's getting much better.

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