April 14, 2005

Spring has sprung and so has my belly!

I had my latest appointment with the midwife today. All is well. I've gained 16 pounds total. I'm 28 weeks and 5 days today and I was measuring 30 weeks. The baby is growing well.

The big thing I have to watch out for is my blood pressure. It was high when the nurse first took it, so she had me rest on my left side for a few minutes and then took it again. It was in the normal range, but a bit on the high side. I need to keep monitoring my sodium intake and elevating my feet as often as possible.

The heartbeat was nice and strong and the baby's head is in the right direction. The baby kicks a lot now. My whole belly moves every once in a while--it's hard to adjust to. Kicks are mostly focused on my right side.

Last Monday, I had to stop wearing my wedding rings. They now hang nicely from a chain around my neck. Stupid swelling.

I am officially in my third trimester, which is terrifying! I'm just a little over 11 weeks from my due date. Summer and the baby will be here before I know it. I'm now so pregnant that I go to the doctor every other week!

We've been bad about posting belly pictures, but I'm going to try to do them weekly now since my belly seems to be growing by the day.

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Liz's Dad said...

I was checking to see those weekly updates of Mom carrying baby. After this weekend there will be little hiding.