March 18, 2005

Latest doctor's appointment and life in general

Yesterday was my latest appointment with the midwife. All is well, though I am nearing the phase of the pregnancy where I have to really pay attention to any changes.

Here's the lowdown from the appointment:
1. I gained 11 pounds since my last appointment--that's not good! 11 pounds in 4 weeks is crazy. So, I really have to watch my weight gain now. Marc suggested that Wednesday night's goodbye dinner at Sabatino's with Dennis may not have been good for the weigh-in.
2. My blood pressure was a bit on the high side, so I need to continue to monitor my salt intake. I am also supposed to watch for other symptoms of preeclampsia.
3. My due date is still set for July 2. I will be 25 weeks tomorrow and I was measuring right on target.
4. I have been experiencing leg pains during the night. Monique suggested that I might need more calcium in my diet.
5. I have to take my 1-hour glucose tolerance test before my next appointment. This is the standard screening for gestational diabetes.

The baby is moving constantly, but you still can't feel it from the outside! I'm really anxious for Marc and others to feel the baby.

Last week, I got to be "Mother of the Day" on WebMD! Every day, someone towards the end of their second trimester gets to be "Mother of the Day" and all of the other women bombard you with questions. It's a lot of fun!

Marc and I registered this week. After some initial nervousness that our registry was lost, it appeared on Target's website today. Please visit and buy us lots of stuff!

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Freda said...

Wow--this is regarding the ketchup incident! Nathan has the same thing happen when he's congested...unless he is having temporary periodic pregnancies!