March 18, 2005

3rd Ultrasound Update

Last Thursday, I had my third ultrasound. My doctor asked for one after the baby's stubbornness during the second ultrasound. I was a bit apprehensive about returning to the same radiology center where the tech blabbed about the baby's gender, but I didn't have much of a choice.

My mom came with me to this ultrasound and she loved every minute of it! I, too, had a much nicer time this visit. The tech was much better than the last. She was sure to point out everything to us. I saw all four chambers of the baby's heart, a kidney and (almost) the whole spine. Again this time, the tech couldn't see the whole spine, but she didn't see any fluid leaking that would indicate a problem.

The baby weighed 1 pound, 14 ounces and his/her heart was beating at 153 beats per minute (normal). The baby spent most of the ultrasound sitting in the pike position, hovering around my belly button.

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