March 28, 2005

My Little Rockette

This past week has been full of excitement as the baby's kicks have been felt from the outside. Last Monday, I was getting ready for work and the baby was kicking stronger than ever. I had Marc put his hand on my belly and kept asking "Did you feel that?" This went on for a few minutes. Finally, I stopped asking. Then, just as I was feeling a kick, his face lit up because he felt it, too! It was pretty amazing. Marc has felt it a few more times this week.

Yesterday, the combination of good food and lots of candy woke the baby up after dinner so my mom and sister could feel, too.

The baby's newest play toy, unfortunately, is my bladder. When the baby isn't kicking my bladder, she seems to enjoy staying on my right side and kicking me repeatedly in the same place. This is most common around 2:30 in the afternoon when I'm sitting at my desk or as soon as I lay down to go to sleep.

March 18, 2005

Latest doctor's appointment and life in general

Yesterday was my latest appointment with the midwife. All is well, though I am nearing the phase of the pregnancy where I have to really pay attention to any changes.

Here's the lowdown from the appointment:
1. I gained 11 pounds since my last appointment--that's not good! 11 pounds in 4 weeks is crazy. So, I really have to watch my weight gain now. Marc suggested that Wednesday night's goodbye dinner at Sabatino's with Dennis may not have been good for the weigh-in.
2. My blood pressure was a bit on the high side, so I need to continue to monitor my salt intake. I am also supposed to watch for other symptoms of preeclampsia.
3. My due date is still set for July 2. I will be 25 weeks tomorrow and I was measuring right on target.
4. I have been experiencing leg pains during the night. Monique suggested that I might need more calcium in my diet.
5. I have to take my 1-hour glucose tolerance test before my next appointment. This is the standard screening for gestational diabetes.

The baby is moving constantly, but you still can't feel it from the outside! I'm really anxious for Marc and others to feel the baby.

Last week, I got to be "Mother of the Day" on WebMD! Every day, someone towards the end of their second trimester gets to be "Mother of the Day" and all of the other women bombard you with questions. It's a lot of fun!

Marc and I registered this week. After some initial nervousness that our registry was lost, it appeared on Target's website today. Please visit and buy us lots of stuff!

3rd Ultrasound Update

Last Thursday, I had my third ultrasound. My doctor asked for one after the baby's stubbornness during the second ultrasound. I was a bit apprehensive about returning to the same radiology center where the tech blabbed about the baby's gender, but I didn't have much of a choice.

My mom came with me to this ultrasound and she loved every minute of it! I, too, had a much nicer time this visit. The tech was much better than the last. She was sure to point out everything to us. I saw all four chambers of the baby's heart, a kidney and (almost) the whole spine. Again this time, the tech couldn't see the whole spine, but she didn't see any fluid leaking that would indicate a problem.

The baby weighed 1 pound, 14 ounces and his/her heart was beating at 153 beats per minute (normal). The baby spent most of the ultrasound sitting in the pike position, hovering around my belly button.

3rd Ultrasound Pictures

The story is in the next post, but here are the pictures from my third ultrasound:

March 8, 2005

4 months and counting

Here I am on March 2--4 months from my due date. My belly is getting much more noticeable, especially when I'm not wearing maternity clothes (e.g. flannel pajama pants). The baby is moving around constantly and I'm noticing movement during the night. We're still not able to feel the baby from the outside yet, though.

We celebrated Marc's last "child-free" birthday this weekend. To prepare, Marc and I started the redecorating of our entire house. We are moving furniture around to get ready for the summer arrival.

In strange food stuff news, many of you heard about my sudden aversion to ketchup, a mainstay in my frozen french fry heavy diet. Long story short, I'm eating ketchup with reckless abandon again! For those of you who haven't heard, here's the crazy pregnant lady story:

I got home from work one night, turned on the oven and made some frozen steak fries. They finished baking, I put them on a plate and proceeded to create my ketchup pile. I dunked the first fry, bit into it and almost threw up. It tasted like rubbing alcohol! I thought it was the french fry, so I tried a different one. Same thing. I opened the bottle of ketchup and the whole thing smelled like rubbing alcohol. I, being a calm and rational pregnant woman, quickly got online, emailed the nice people of Heinz, vowing to take this to Teresa herself if I had to, and threw out the bottle of ketchup. A few nights later, I was eating a salad with a vinaigrette dressing and noticed it tasted odd. A few nights later, something similar, making me realize that I may have been having an aversion to vinegar. I decided to give ketchup another go, with no luck. Finally, over brunch on Sunday, I tried again and the ketchup was fine!

We'll be posting more ultrasound pictures after my appointment on Thursday.