February 6, 2005

There are no more surprises in life

Marc and I went in yesterday for our second ultrasound. All is well with the baby, but we had a horrible experience.

We arrived at 9:50 am for a 10 am appointment. I drank more than my required 16 oz of water. We were called back. On the walk to the room, I informed the tech that we did NOT want to know the gender. She got me prepped for the ultrasound and started to look at the baby. Unfortunately, my bladder wasn't full enough and she was having problems getting clear images of the baby. So, she had me lay on my left side for 15 minutes and wait for my bladder to fill up. These were 15 agonizing minutes.

The tech returned to the room and started to look at the baby again. She pointed out arms, legs, fingers, toes, the spine and the baby's bladder. Then, bluntly, she said "I'm pretty sure it's a girl." Marc and I looked at each other and I started crying. She was about to try to get a better look when I said "That's OK. We didn't want to know." I was so completely devastated. We had been so excited about having a big surprise in the delivery room and this woman's insensitivity and inability to remember the ONLY thing I asked of her ruined it for us. The rest of the sonogram was kind of a blur as I was trying not to completely break down in the room. The only question I managed to get out was about the baby's heartbeat.

Here are all of the latest details from yesterday:
1. We're having a girl. They can never be 100% on these things, so we're still going with our neutral themes.
2. The ultrasound moved my due date to June 25. I'm waiting until my doctor confirms, but the ultrasounds are usually pretty accurate.
3. The baby currently weighs 13 ounces.
4. The baby's heartbeat is 138, which is in the normal range.
5. I may need to have another sonogram because the baby was being stubborn and wouldn't let the tech get a clear picture of the spine the way doctors like to see it. This is not cause for concern.

After the sonogram, I found the ladies room in the office and burst into tears. We had been excited about having a boy, but what really upset me is having such a major surprise completely ruined for us. We are happy that the baby appears to be healthy, since that's all that really matters.


Anonymous said...

hi guys. i didn't know liz was in an accident.i'm glad everything's ok. my granddaughter is looking good but that's to be expected with such fine genes. sorry your surprise was ruined but we are thrilled that you're having a girl (or perhaps a shy boy).we love you. mom & ray

Draper said...

The baby's heartrate is 138, that's really neat that you can know that. It's funny though, that for a fetus, that's normal and healthy, but in Tony, for some reason that's not so good...maybe it's all the hotdogs and beer. Liz, you haven't had any weird cravings yet have you?

Liz said...

It's really amazing how much you can find out about the baby at an ultrasound. I meant to ask, but I was watching the tech measure the baby's head. It was about 18 cm around if I saw correctly. It's really amazing. I'm happy that I may have to have another.

No weird cravings. Just a steady stream of eating. The baby is going through some major growth spurts right now.

Anonymous said...

The ultrasound photos are amazing..what a wonderful little life--full of many, many surprises--that is coming to you soon! -Mollie

pregnancyweekly said...

The ultrasound pictures look great but I'm sorry the tech let it slip that it *could* be a girl. That's definitely disappointing but I hope you're able to focus on the positive! :) Congrats.

Tracey said...

First of all, congrats! I know you didn't want to know, but I now officially have a gift for you:) Girls are mouthy (mine's not even 2 and she has a serious attitude) but fun! The other day she sat in her Tigger chair and held her little leg in the air for me to paint her toes! You can't (well, you shouldn't) do that with a little boy! It will be alright, and I'll give you a bunch of hand-me-downs if you want them! So, is it Gloria???