February 21, 2005

Latest news from the doctor

I had my latest doctor's appointment on Friday. There's not much to report. My appointment was with Dr. Collerius and she was wonderful.

She put the doppler heartrate monitor on my belly and found the heartbeat immediately. Then, the baby moved away and the heartbeat was really faint. It's amazing how much room the bean has to move around in there!

I've gained three pounds total all pregnancy, which is wonderful. It's even better when you consider how often I'm eating. I seem to get full very quickly, but get hungry very often. My blood pressure seemed high when the nurse took it, so Dr. Collerius took it again at the end of my appointment and it was normal. I'm trying to monitor my salt intake so that I don't have any major blood pressure problems.

I told the doctor about my horrible ultrasound experience. She felt so bad for me! I asked her about the due date (the tech suggested I might be due June 25 instead of July 2). Dr. Collerius left me at the July 2 due date and said that the first ultrasound is the most accurate. I will be getting another ultrasound which makes me really happy--I love seeing that bean on the screen!

On Saturday, Marc and I went out for the afternoon before heading to dinner with his family to celebrate his birthday. While we were sitting at a light, I felt the baby kick! It was great because I've been thinking that I might be feeling the baby, but this was the first time that I was sure it was the baby. It was so wonderful!

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