January 31, 2005

So far behind!

I went to see the midwife over a week ago--I can't believe I'm so far behind!

On Friday, January 21, I had my latest appointment. Since my doctor is no longer a practicing OB, I met the Nurse Midwife, Monique, who was WONDERFUL. It was a short appointment. She asked lots of questions, I asked lots of questions. Then, she listened for the heartbeat. At first, she couldn't find it. It was absolutely terrifying. It felt like hours while she searched for it. Finally, she found it (maybe 90 seconds went by), but lost it right away. She said that the baby is very active, so it was hard to hear it for long. Everything is progressing along as it should be. I gained 2 pounds since my last visit, bringing me to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I got a prescription for my next ultrasound, which I scheduled for this Saturday morning. If we were finding out the gender, this would be the appointment, but we aren't, so we'll all have to wait another 22 weeks or so to find out.

On my way to work after my appointment, I was driving around State Circle looking for a parking place when I was rear-ended. I was stopped at a stop sign and the driver behind me wasn't going more than 10-15 miles per hour, but it really jolted me. I pulled over to exchange insurance information, when I realized that I knew the woman who hit me! We were both fine and our cars were both fine, but we were both terrified. I called my doctor's office right away and they pulled Monique out of a delivery to take my call. When you say "pregnant" and "car accident" in the same sentence, people really jump to take care of you. Long story short, the bean and I are both fine.

I was in and out of work last week from a combination head cold/stomach bug. It seems to be gone now, but it has been replaced by what is either a tapeworm or the bean growing at an alarming rate. I CANNOT stop eating. Apparently, this will come and go, but for now, I'm doubling our grocery bill.

I finalized plans for my maternity leave last week, too. I'm taking off for 12 weeks to be with the new one. Marc is joining me for 4 of those weeks. Dennis might be back for the end of it.

We'll post ultrasound pictures on Saturday or Sunday.

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