December 3, 2004

Our baby blog

Since I am the one "with child," I have assumed responsibility for providing all the background on the pregnancy to date.

On November 1, I took a home pregnancy test that came up positive. I immediately panicked and called Cory, who took 90 minutes out of her evening to console me. I told Marc who was initially shocked and then excited in a matter of minutes. I determined that I was about 4 weeks along at that point. We decided not to tell family and friends until I had been to the doctor.

The night after we found out was election night. We had a house full of friends and I couldn't tell ANYONE. So, I began to find comfort on the WebMD message boards. There I could ask any question and tell any fear. I'm still going to be using them throughout the pregnancy!

I went to see the OB nurse on November 11. She went over various aspects of the pregnancy with me and did a thorough health history. Struggling not to tell, I had to pick up my aunt from the airport that afternoon! The next day, I had my first bloodwork done, then I picked my sister up from college--still dying to tell, but knowing I shouldn't.

I went to see my doctor on November 22. The bad news is that he won't be delivering the baby! But, mother and baby are both doing fine.

Marc and I decided to share the news with our families on Thanksgiving. First, we went to my grandfather's house to tell my parents, sister, grandparents and 3 aunts. Everyone was very happy for us. Next, we went to Marc's mom's house for dinner, where we announced during dessert. Everyone there was happy for us as well. My grandfather has been sick for some time now, so nearly all of his brothers and sisters were with him on Thursday night. My mom shared the news with all of them, so my entire (LARGE) extended family knew within days.

On Saturday morning, my grandfather passed away. Over the course of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I saw virtually all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends. It was nice to have something so wonderful to talk about at such a sad time for our family. I have now started calling friends who I haven't seen yet to fill them in.

That brings us to today. Marc and I had our first sonogram this morning. (More details are in Marc's post.) We also got our first baby related present in the mail today - a "Parents-to-Be" ornament from my in-laws. I can't wait to put it on the tree.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Liz and Marc! Congrats again! This sight is pretty impressive! -Tracey