December 3, 2004

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are you due?
July 2.

2. Have you had any morning sickness?
Thankfully, no. A few mornings of nausea, but most were before I even knew.

3. Have you picked out any names?
Yes. If it's a boy, Marcus Henry. If it's a girl, Gloria Jean.

Marcus is Marc's grandfather's name and Henry is my grandfather's name. Gloria Jean is my aunt's name.

4. Are you going to find out what you're having?
Well, we wanted to be surprised, but... they told us that we're having a girl.

5. What will you do about work?
I'll be taking a 12-week maternity leave. Marc will be off for four weeks. It looks like Marc will become a stay-at-home-dad after I return to work in the fall.

6. Wouldn't it be great if it were twins?
No. No, it would not. Thankfully, we know that it isn't.

7. Was it planned?
No, but we're very happy and excited.

8. Any weird cravings?
Nothing unusual, just my several week long aversion to ketchup.

9. Where will you be delivering?
St. Joseph's Medical Center.

10. Will Marc be in the delivery room with you?
He will not. My mom is going to be my coach. Marc will be at the hospital, but will not be in the room during delivery. Think Ricky Ricardo.

11. Liz, I want to buy you lots of things. Where are you registered?
Glad you asked! We are registered at Target and - a cloth diaper website.

12. Cloth diapers? Is there some way to talk you guys out of this?
No. We are going to make the effort to use cloth diapers. They are cheaper than disposables and much better for the environment.

13. Aren't you dying to have the baby?
No. I've really enjoyed being pregnant so far and I'm happy to let the baby stay where it is for a little bit longer!

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