December 22, 2004

Christmas prep and a trip to the doctor

It's been a busy week and a half for the bean (and us).

We got some more Christmas shopping done (though neither Marc nor I have finished yet). Sunday was the annual Fiorini family Christmas party. We were at Uncle Henry and Aunt Peggy's house this year. It was a much different celebration than usual this year as many family members were missing for one reason or another and as we are all continuing to grieve over the loss of Pop-Pop. However, good food and games were enjoyed and many nice gifts were exchanged. The bean got another gift (a pretty blanket from Aunt Elissa and Uncle Chris). It is added to his collection of things so far (onesie from Holly, shirt from me, outfit from me).

On Monday, the bean and I had our last trip to see Dr. Berlin who will no longer be an OB after December 31 thanks to rising med mal costs. All is well. It was a short and easy visit. He reviewed my ultrasound results with me and listened for the heartbeat, which was going strong. Yesterday morning, I got sick and stayed home for the day. I hope this isn't a brief taste of morning sickness before I enter my second trimester on Christmas!

I hope all BOAN readers have a wonderful Christmas.

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Liz said...

I neglected to mention my weight change - I LOST 2 pounds, which I was not expecting to hear.