December 28, 2004

The Doctor Who SHOULD be Delivering the Baby...

is all over the medical malpractice debate:

"I feel like I am at my own wake right now, because my funeral is Dec. 31 at midnight. That's when I'm no longer an obstetrician," Dr. Steven M. Berlin [on the left], who has been delivering babies since 1976, told the senators. "If there's not significant action taken, you're going to lose a lot, a lot, a lot more people like me."

December 27, 2004

Bean's First Christmas

Marc and I celebrated our last pre-baby Christmas together. I am thankful that our holiday gets spread over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On the 24th, we went to Marc's mom's house for food and presents. (Note the pregnant lady importance placed on food.) We were very thankful for the restraint by everyone to NOT get any baby gifts, save a baby wipe in Marc's stocking. On the 25th, we opened presents at our house and then went to my parents' house for dinner and gifts. My parents showed less restraint in getting us baby gifts, but didn't go overboard (a bib, some books and a toilet lock). I also got some nice maternity clothes. I'm very comfy today in my new shirt and pants!

I think the baby thing I'm most excited about is Christmas next year. I know how cheesy this sounds, but there really isn't anything like seeing a child's face light up at Christmas.

In other news, I checked out the WebMD site about how the baby is growing. This week, he/she will grow to the size of a peach!

December 22, 2004

Christmas prep and a trip to the doctor

It's been a busy week and a half for the bean (and us).

We got some more Christmas shopping done (though neither Marc nor I have finished yet). Sunday was the annual Fiorini family Christmas party. We were at Uncle Henry and Aunt Peggy's house this year. It was a much different celebration than usual this year as many family members were missing for one reason or another and as we are all continuing to grieve over the loss of Pop-Pop. However, good food and games were enjoyed and many nice gifts were exchanged. The bean got another gift (a pretty blanket from Aunt Elissa and Uncle Chris). It is added to his collection of things so far (onesie from Holly, shirt from me, outfit from me).

On Monday, the bean and I had our last trip to see Dr. Berlin who will no longer be an OB after December 31 thanks to rising med mal costs. All is well. It was a short and easy visit. He reviewed my ultrasound results with me and listened for the heartbeat, which was going strong. Yesterday morning, I got sick and stayed home for the day. I hope this isn't a brief taste of morning sickness before I enter my second trimester on Christmas!

I hope all BOAN readers have a wonderful Christmas.

December 12, 2004

Bean's First Concert

We took the bean to its first concert tonight. We went to see Los Straitjackets at the Ram's Head. I don't know if the bean liked it, but everyone else did. If you ever get the chance to check these guys out, I would highly recommend it. I don't know any other band that has a drummer who plays part of a song by lifting the drum and hitting it against his head.

We put our tree up last night (and Marc decided to move it today). It looks really nice. The "Parents to Be" ornament was the first one that went on.

December 8, 2004

Maternity Clothes, Day 1

I'm wearing my first maternity shirt today and it is COMFY!

The past few days have probably been full of my worst pregnancy symptoms, but all in all, it's not so terrible. I'm retaining a lot of water, but feeling really dehydrated. So, basically, I'm drinking all day long, still thirsty and bloated. Also, my back has been bothering me more than ever these past few days. I'm nearing the end of my first trimester, though, so most of this should pass soon.

December 3, 2004

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are you due?
July 2.

2. Have you had any morning sickness?
Thankfully, no. A few mornings of nausea, but most were before I even knew.

3. Have you picked out any names?
Yes. If it's a boy, Marcus Henry. If it's a girl, Gloria Jean.

Marcus is Marc's grandfather's name and Henry is my grandfather's name. Gloria Jean is my aunt's name.

4. Are you going to find out what you're having?
Well, we wanted to be surprised, but... they told us that we're having a girl.

5. What will you do about work?
I'll be taking a 12-week maternity leave. Marc will be off for four weeks. It looks like Marc will become a stay-at-home-dad after I return to work in the fall.

6. Wouldn't it be great if it were twins?
No. No, it would not. Thankfully, we know that it isn't.

7. Was it planned?
No, but we're very happy and excited.

8. Any weird cravings?
Nothing unusual, just my several week long aversion to ketchup.

9. Where will you be delivering?
St. Joseph's Medical Center.

10. Will Marc be in the delivery room with you?
He will not. My mom is going to be my coach. Marc will be at the hospital, but will not be in the room during delivery. Think Ricky Ricardo.

11. Liz, I want to buy you lots of things. Where are you registered?
Glad you asked! We are registered at Target and - a cloth diaper website.

12. Cloth diapers? Is there some way to talk you guys out of this?
No. We are going to make the effort to use cloth diapers. They are cheaper than disposables and much better for the environment.

13. Aren't you dying to have the baby?
No. I've really enjoyed being pregnant so far and I'm happy to let the baby stay where it is for a little bit longer!

1st Ultrasound

Liz got her first ultrasound today. Here are the pictures:

The projected due date is July 2nd; Liz is 9 weeks, 6 days along. The baby's heartrate was 160 beats per minute, which is normal.

Our baby blog

Since I am the one "with child," I have assumed responsibility for providing all the background on the pregnancy to date.

On November 1, I took a home pregnancy test that came up positive. I immediately panicked and called Cory, who took 90 minutes out of her evening to console me. I told Marc who was initially shocked and then excited in a matter of minutes. I determined that I was about 4 weeks along at that point. We decided not to tell family and friends until I had been to the doctor.

The night after we found out was election night. We had a house full of friends and I couldn't tell ANYONE. So, I began to find comfort on the WebMD message boards. There I could ask any question and tell any fear. I'm still going to be using them throughout the pregnancy!

I went to see the OB nurse on November 11. She went over various aspects of the pregnancy with me and did a thorough health history. Struggling not to tell, I had to pick up my aunt from the airport that afternoon! The next day, I had my first bloodwork done, then I picked my sister up from college--still dying to tell, but knowing I shouldn't.

I went to see my doctor on November 22. The bad news is that he won't be delivering the baby! But, mother and baby are both doing fine.

Marc and I decided to share the news with our families on Thanksgiving. First, we went to my grandfather's house to tell my parents, sister, grandparents and 3 aunts. Everyone was very happy for us. Next, we went to Marc's mom's house for dinner, where we announced during dessert. Everyone there was happy for us as well. My grandfather has been sick for some time now, so nearly all of his brothers and sisters were with him on Thursday night. My mom shared the news with all of them, so my entire (LARGE) extended family knew within days.

On Saturday morning, my grandfather passed away. Over the course of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I saw virtually all of my aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends. It was nice to have something so wonderful to talk about at such a sad time for our family. I have now started calling friends who I haven't seen yet to fill them in.

That brings us to today. Marc and I had our first sonogram this morning. (More details are in Marc's post.) We also got our first baby related present in the mail today - a "Parents-to-Be" ornament from my in-laws. I can't wait to put it on the tree.